Capturing Special Moments of Your Life ! We lead busy lives. If we are lucky we grow old. Very often,
at various times we think we should have asked our parents and relatives more about their early lives, their parents and siblings lives for what they did, where they moved, their successes, difficulties, impact on their community and so much more. Geneology is now a large business but the various web sites do not provide anyone with the answers to the above questions, and so when one passes on, there are often many interesting facts that have also disappeared from history. – Unless someone had the foresight to document the interesting parts of their life. Then it can be passed down from generation to generation and to family and friends.

Having had a wonderful 18 plus years in the Ajijic-Chapala, Mexico area and having become friends with so many from being in the Real Estate business, I and we can attest to the fact that everyone’s life is full of interesting storys.

I was fortunate that Linda gave me a surprise 50th. birthday party, back in Canada, quite a few years ago. Besides so many friends from the past, she, with my sister Sue, somehow managed to produce a 25 minute Video of my life (until then) and even with me in a bit of it. (A complete surprise but awfully nice to have.)

Now there is a way for people that would like a “Life Story” book done on them, to have it professionally done without leaving home. The photo above is of Linda enjoying the book of her life. If you would like more information just click on the attached link. . Oh yes- for full disclosure-the link will take you to the new web site of our son Doug- currently in Tokyo, from where he did Linda’s Story. Enjoy!