Why People Retire to Ajijic – Chapala, Mexico

Many Canadians, Europeans and Americans have chosen the Ajijic area on Lake Chapala as their preferred retirement destination for a number of reasons. One reason is that we have a very large expat community.

Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest inland lake is dotted with small towns and three major areas – the city of Chapala, the village of Ajijic and the city of Jocotepec. We chose to live in Ajijic.


National Geographic wrote that Ajijic has the 2nd best climate in the world (Kenya, Africa was 1st). We believe it as we enjoy low humidity, sunny skies and low if any, pollution. The reason? Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest inland lake surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains at 5200 feet elevation, resulting in moderate temperatures year round.

The modern and ever expanding Guadalajara International Airport is a short drive                                      away on a divided 4 lane highway.

  • Guadalajara, the beautiful colonial city close by offers cultural and gastronomical delights. It is Mexico’s 2nd largest city and offers all the comforts of home and more.
  • Gorgeous shopping malls with the very latest in fashion and home furnishings are in every corner of the city.
  • Property taxes are very low.
  • We have low cost access to state of the art medical, diagnostic and dental services. You should see the facilities!!
  • People are happy and friendly, living together in harmony without borders.

I could go on and on; however, we invite you to visit our little piece of paradise and experience for yourself the lifestyle that we enjoy.

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