Seller Testimonials

Hello Don and Linda,

I apologise for not getting back to you sooner , we have been in Croatia since just before you closed the transaction on Mothers house. My wife’s mother required some assistance with her disability . We are back now , and I wanted to thank you for such good work, in the sale of Mothers property. You took a tremendous weight off our shoulders in every way , in the confident and professional way you handled the transaction, as well as explaining the process required to work the sale through the legal system, and in the end helping us on the tax situation. You did not have to do all that but you did, and it was really appreciated by me.

I would like to return the favour in any way I can > I would be pleased to provide a testimonial to your web site, your agency manager , what have you .Anything I can do up here to be of assistance either as a Canadian reference etc. please let me know, as thanks for a job well done.

Mike Williams

Thanks very much. Your site is great, and you have a smart marketing approach! Let’s stay in touch. Many thanks!


Dear Linda and Don;

All my apologies for not giving you any news for such a long time.  The main reason is that I do not have a computer yet.

I received your season greetings and if it is not too late I wish you Happiness, Health for the New Year.  I also wish you a lot of real estate transactions.  Both of you were so helpful when I listed my house with your agency.  It was the first time that I sold a property by myself and if it would not have been of your assistance it still would be on the market.  Only three weeks after I signed the agreement with you it was sold.  I still cannot believe it, but I want to stress the fact that it was not a miracle, it was the result of your hard work.  All thecomparisons that Don did on the computer to come with the correct price and the video that Linda made for the listing, not to mention the work that was done to show the house to others real estate agents and to potential customers, gave positive results.  I also want to mention  the professional team at Hernandez Realties that took care of all the details (that were important for me) like: calculating the sums that I owed to the gardener and the maid, the change of name for the electricity, the information for preparing the deed, etc.

Thank you for making my life so easy in this difficult decision I had to take.  Now that the Bank received my money, I can start looking forward for a new life in , even though Ajijic has a special place in my heart.

Lise Schaack